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Welcome to LifelongHemp, a home of opportunities to explore an amassment of CBD products!

Our mission is to enlighten and share with people the potential and quality of CBD, an extract of hemp that is beneficial to human health to help them achieve their wellness goal.


Our Discoveries

Base on rapid research studies and the growing awareness of CBD oil, we discovered it contains therapeutic value and what makes it unique is the healing properties it possesses.

CBD hemp oil is essentially an extract orally ingested from hemp raw material which contains a high level of cannabinol but low in a psychoactive compound called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

The oil contains terpene and chlorophyll and some other essential compound beneficial to man’s health. That means it does not affect the psychological parameter of the consumer.

CBD Oil Discoveries


LifelongHemp Driving Force

Our Driving Force

Due to complications and regulatory limitations behind CBD, our team embarked on a fact-finding task to evaluate and uncover the potency of CBD oil which has produced countless life-changing experiences.

Interestingly, our discovery and scientific evaluation have made CBD be more accepted in the society because it offers varieties of benefits and most importantly, protects the human frame from specific health concerns.


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to offering quality and well-tested collections of CBD hemp oil that can be used as a solution for a range of health issues.

We regularly and consistently carry out research to unravel the unknown to bring you a high-grade CBD hemp oil.

What is paramount to us is your optimal mental and physical health, we at this moment owed our unbroken allegiance to our customers.

LifelongHemp Commitment

Why Choose LifelongHemp?

Certified CBD Products

Products from trustable manufacturers

All our products are not filtered, they are well-sourced from Michigan hemp farm under the watch of credible and ethical manufacturers, legally and readily available for medicinal use.

Lab Tested CBD Products

All products are lab tested

Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturer and suppliers who have invested their time and effort in research and third-party lab test to prove the validity and quality of what we offer our customers.

Customer Support

Live chat, email and phone support

Your satisfaction is also our priority, and we ensure that you have a pleasant experience by creating an open floor for genuine interaction with one of our representatives through live chat, phone or email. We are on alert to give a speedy response to your inquiry or complaint.

Money Back Guaranty

30 days money back guarantee

To affirm our dedication, transparency, and authenticity, we guarantee you a refund of your money within 30 days due to any unmet expectations.

Worldwide Delivery

Fast delivery in US territories

Currently our shipping services are rendered only in US within a reasonable time frame (from 1 to 7 days). We will ship it the same day for quick delivery.

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Secure checkout (SSL certificate)

We use standard security technology to protect every transaction carried out on our website, which means all your information remains private and secured.

Informative Articles

Informative articles on CBD oil

For more information about CBD oil, visit our blog, and we will continuously provide you with more updates and detailed write-ups.