Does CBD Get You High? [2019 Update]

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Does cbd get you high?

The most likely question that pop-up in the minds of most CBD users is,“can CBD get me high”? Though THC and CBD were derived from the same source and with almost the same chemical structure, CBD does not possess the same psychoactive effect as THC.

Drawing energy from the new development in our research, we have put together this article to enlighten you on how CBD interact with the system without causing a “high”.


The most likely question is: can I get high using CBD?

Apparently No, you cannot get high on CBD. It is indisputable evidence that CBD is a derivative of cannabis and as such, the intake of CBD might be a little dicey.

Things to know about CBD and THC (infographic)

There are several misinformation and controversies as regards the effect of CBD which has given birth to a lot of skepticism.

Cannabis produces several chemical compounds, and CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are a part of them. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive substance extracted from the hemp plant.

Cannabis is a family name of a plant classified into two kinds of categories and they are, Indica and Sativa.

Hemp and Marijuana species of Cannabis belong to the Sativa family and of course share certain similarities and crucial differences. Marijuana contain the abundance of THC and is capable of altering your state of mind or can cause a “high”.

Hemp, on the other hand, contains nothing less than 0.3% THC to produce an entourage effect for a synergistic benefit. This level of THC in hemp is negligible which means, it cannot cause a “high” or cause a psychoactive effect.

Wondering how possible is it for two substances derived from the same source to execute different effect in the body system?

First, you must understand that each plant is composed of different biological structures and each substance to it’s own chemical composition.

Therefore, THC causes psychoactive effect while you cannot get high if you use CBD, It would rather reduce the psychotic potential of THC.


How will I feel if I use CBD?

Your concern might be how different you would feel when you ingest CBD and what CBD has to offer if it cannot cause a “high”.

Well, …

…you will agree with me that a more significant number of CBD users today, consume CBD for medicinal purposes in other to improve their health.

As a first time CBD user, your system might react differently to CBD especially when you take THC with the CBD or you take THC alone. There are so many factors, but our inmost concern is how you would feel if you take CBD.

When CBD is ingested, it may react differently on individual persons. Some people get a calming sensation, while some don’t really feel different but they can say, “it worked” because of the improvement they got in their ailments.

Just relax! 

Since individual body chemistry differs, all method of ingesting CBD may or may not work for you. The potency and reaction of CBD depend on the serving size. In this case, an optimal amount of CBD is all you need; the main reason why manufacturers of CBD products suggest that consumers should endeavor to choose a suitable method that works for them.

An high CBD strain infused into most CBD products as well as terpene are compounds that influences the overall effect of CBD. Though pure CBD cannot cause a “high” because it contains a trace amount THC, a moderate amount remains the requisite optimal serving dosage.

Interestingly, no adverse effect caused by CBD has been recorded, not even in chronic use of CBD. According to a comprehensive review that upholds research and presented evidence on CBD interaction, CBD is found to be safe for human consumption.


The mechanism involved in CBD actions and how it interacts with the body system

Despite the ambiguity around the cannabis plant, the potential benefits and medical application of CBD remains undeniable. The mechanism involved in CBD actions and how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has been uncovered by the scientists.

Endocannabinoid system role in the body

It is no news that every human being possess an ECS. And as such, plays a crucial role in regulating several aspects of the nervous system, immune system, and cognition. The ECS is comprised of two cannabinoid receptors which are, CB1 receptor dominant in the brain and CB2 receptor dominant in the immune system.

When CBD is ingested, it does not take effect directly on the ECS, but rather, interacts with the receptors to produce more cannabinoid.

Naturally, the ECS produces cannabinoids and the body relies on these cannabinoids and endogenous cannabinoid.

As the body ages, the ECS breaks down gradually, and sometimes becomes deficient. Therefore, there would be a need for an externally sourced cannabiniod such as CBD, to promote a proper ECS regulation, enhance the activities going on in the ECS, and improve the overall wellness of the body system.

Here is what might interest you the most…

CBD does not only interact with the CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor, It also influences many non-cannabinoid receptor systems in the brain, and receptors sensitive to various neurotransmitters. For instance, CBD influences serotonin neurotransmitter which enables it to confer anti-anxiety effect.

At this point, we see it deem fit to say that the essence of taking CBD is to promote the homeostasis in the body and optimize your overall health and wellness.

In a nutshell,

“CBD boost your natural cannabinoid, that may help improve your mood, and overall wellbeing”,

says Michele Ross, cannabis activist, and neuroscientist.

There are several methods of ingesting CBD which is one of the contributory factors that aid the easiest way to feel the effect of CBD. However, the way you choose to consume CBD may or may not make a difference with the way you will feel when it is ingested.

Based on the available array of CBD products in the market today, what is the ideal product that might works best for me? You may wonder.

Well, …

to clear your doubt, none of the high-quality pure CBD product sourced from the hemp plant is capable of causing a “high”.

At this point, we will take a look at some available CBD products and the ways they react in the body system .


Can CBD edibles get you high?

CBD-infused food or CBD edibles made from full spectrum hemp plant are available everywhere. CBD edibles contain insignificant traces of THC, incapable of altering your psychological parameter but good enough to synergistically maximize the effects of the CBD.

Do you know what edibles taste like? 

Some edibles come in sweet flavor and dreamy chocolate coating while some prefer a homemade edible. This might be the best option for those who want to have a taste of CBD in their edibles. Such edibles may be in form of snacks, cookies, waffles, dessert and so on.

Can CBD edibles get you high?

Edibles are ingested through the mouth and passes through the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike vaping, edibles do not offer an immediate effect. Your body needs to absorb and break down the CBD edibles and this might take up to 2 hours to reach its maximum effect.

The good news is, you can have all you need in CBD in the form of edibles. It may help give you a pleasant relief from restlessness and may also help boost your gut’s health. Though, Edibles takes time to unfold its potency, it gives a long-lasting effect.

Medical studies have shown that CBD edibles are workable for most CBD users and has been chosen over counter medications. Depends on your body chemical make-up, even though, it appears CBD edible does not cause a “high,” the requisite dosage still remains an optimal amount per serving.

The consumption of many CBD edibles at once might be a bad idea because, it may produce an unpleasant feeling.  Therefore, as you carry out experiment on what works for you, it is easier to start with little amount of edibles. When you reach a level of tolerance, you will be able to discern and know what your body can accommodate.


Does CBD gummies get you high?

Do you remember how those fresh, chewy, and breath-taking flavored candies taste when you were a kid? The same way CBD gummies taste.

Gummies are produced to provide you with medicinal benefits and to satisfy your unrelenting tooth at the same time. Well, this might make a perfect choice for you.

Can CBD gummies get you high?

Gummies are infused with full spectrum hemp oil and it can be inferred from this point, CBD gummies possess a trace amount of THC that cannot bind your CB1 receptor. Hence, when you take CBD gummies, you are exactly feeding on the same normal gummy sold at groceries shops but with immense medicinal values.

As for gummies, it is ingested through the mouth, easily absorbed through the digestive tract into the bloodstream. It might take up to 2 hours to take effect dealing with some essential factors such as metabolic rate, food reaction, and tolerance level.

Now, the reason behind the production of CBD gummy bears is to encourage homeostasis, and to help maintain a stable environment internally regardless of the unbalanced nature of the external body. Since CBD is not psychoactive, ingesting CBD gummies cannot get you stoned.

We think you should know this…

If you consume regular strains of CBD in gummies without caution, you may have to fight the mind-altering effect of THC. An accumulation of the trace amount of THC in the system might be something you may need to contend with.

However, CBD gummy bear is the most fantasizing and tasteful product among CBD products that can give a desired pleasure. It is easier to use the optimal dosage of CBD with gummies and also make the best choice as they are sold in different flavors.


Does CBD e-liquid get you high?

Vaping is the most popular means of consuming CBD usually through the use of vape pen. Vape is virtually considered as the fastest means of getting CBD into your system. It might be the most preferred option for smokers as research has shown that it helps to quit smoking.

Does CBD e-liquid get you high?

In a research carried out on never, former and current smokers of E-cigarette, 10% reported the urge for smoking, and 72% were relieved of withdrawal symptoms and cravings while 92% gave an account of how it has helped them to reduce smoking. Out of 2000 former smokers, E-cigarette has helped 96% to quit smoking.

Here is the most exciting part when CBD E-liquid is used with a vape pen.

E-liquid, sometimes referred to as vape juice or E-juice is produced with varieties of flavor or blend. You may choose to select a vape pen or E-cigarette that has a tank to fill in your E-liquid or a cartridge if it’s a onetime use. You can also get prefilled E-cigarette cartridge for topmost convenience.

Do you want to gain the ultimate vaping experience?

You can enjoy every E-juice puff inspired by favorite sweet treat and offers several medicinal benefits, such that may improve sleep quality, easing stress and improving anxiety.

Vape product containing hemp derivative is non-psychoactive hence, it’s legalization in some states in the United States.

Wondering if CBD E-liquid is similar to smoking marijuana and may likely get you high or stoned?

It depends on what you are smoking or vaping. Based on our analysis and understanding of CBD E-liquid sourced from the hemp plant, vaping is not the same as smoking marijuana.

Vaping CBD does not mean you are smoking the psychoactive content in marijuana (THC), but vaping excessively might affect and get you stoned due to the accumulation of the trace amount of THC in your system.

Well, …

…it all depends on how your body reacts to it. It means, only the optimal amount per serving is what your body need to benefit from CBD E-liquid.



CBD products are made from the hemp plant, and the purpose of their production is to offer health benefits and medicinal values. Most edibles, gummies, and e-liquid are infused with cannabidiol, the second most prevalent cannabinoid which is non-psychoactive. I.e., it cannot affect the psychological parameter of its consumer.

Therefore, the question as regards whether CBD can cause a high or not depends on the amount of THC contained in the CBD product you want to ingest. So, learn what works for you so as to improve your well-being and quality of life.

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  • JJohn

    How do I know if the product I am buying is made of pure hemp or not? I’ve read some reviews from other websites that some are not effective. Help me please.

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hello John,

      I am happy to tell you that all our products are made of 100% pure hemp directly from our licensed manufacturers in Michigan. We are able to provide lab test results for each product for a request. You can always send us an email: and we are glad to send the information you need. I hope that we are able to provide awareness and information so you can be assured of getting the best, outstanding quality CBD Product.


  • HHenry

    Good read.
    I would like to know if I can let my wife try hemp oil? She’s having problems with her sleep and in the morning, she wakes up really late, looks so tired. By the way, she’s Diabetic Type 2, will this be a good product for her?

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hello Henry,

      I’m sorry to hear that your wife is having problems with her sleep. Our CBD Tinctures are the best remedies to help people with trouble in sleeping. As for your wife’s medical condition, it is always best to seek medical advice from her doctor to know if the product won’t have an effect on her medicines and such. I hope she is getting well as the day comes. Thank you for your time.


  • AAllan

    I have been reading a lot of articles about hemp from reliable sources like World Health Organization and the FDA. The pure hemp oil, extracted from the plant itself does not really have a ‘high’ effect when ingested in the human body. There has been proven tests and research to support this. Your article is very informative. I am impressed.

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hello Allan,

      Thank you for the information you’ve provided. We, at Lifelong Hemp, focus on the good health benefits of our products as well as reaching out to the community for awareness on how the product can be very beneficial to human health. These inputs are really great and we look forward to communicating with you soon. I hope we can do business well together.

      Have a great day!

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