Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? [Recent Research]

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Whether CBD show up on a drug test or not

It won’t be out of place if we say, it’s no news that THC was the substance that caused controversy as regards the legality of CBD because of its psychotropic effect. For the fact that CBD is also an extract of cannabis, the intake of CBD might be a major concern.

Come to think of it, can CBD reflect on a drug test? 

To start with, the reason why drug test is carried out is not to check the presence of CBD. Therefore, CBD cannot show on a drug test.

In this post, you will get the full information on whether CBD shows up on a drug test and will surely put an end to your curiosity.


The trace amount of THC in CBD hemp oil

Whether you take CBD often or occasionally, it is important to know how your body may likely react to CBD and how long it takes CBD to stay in your system.

Note, CBD has essential therapeutic properties, and this makes it medicinal and usable for recreational purposes. Several drug screens are designed to detect marijuana in the body system specifically THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol).

This might sound crazy…

… but factually, CBD contains only little THC that makes the two-cannabis compounds work efficiently called the entourage effect. It is essential to reiterate on the established fact, the trace amount of THC in CBD-rich hemp oil cannot alter your state of mind.

The trace amount of THC in CBD hemp oil (infographic)

Don’t be surprised, CBD might be legal in some states, but the consumption of marijuana remains illegal in most major states in the world because of the high level of THC molecule contained in it.

What gave birth to the employer’s request for a drug test is to set their employees on standard legal grounds and guard against illegal use of psychotic substances.


Facts to know about the drug test

Technically, marijuana or its high effect is not what is tested because, it does not store in the body. Most drug tests are administered to detect the main metabolite of THC called 11-nor-delta-9Carboxy-THC (THC–COOH).

THC is fat soluble. That is, it accumulates in the fat cell, the major reason why its by-product clings to the body system for a longer period. Therefore, your body process cannabinoids when you take them and the by-product may linger in your system for long.

Want to know more about a drug test?

A drug screen analysis could be conducted on hair, saliva, blood, and sweat but the most invasive and accurate test most laboratories conduct is on urine.

Facts to know about the drug test (infographic)

The long-lasting metabolite in the system can stay for up to 90 days if you are a regular user. Therefore, when compared to other means of drug analysis, testing on urine is one of the most common ways of detecting marijuana.

The urine test uses immunoassay (a tool for measuring biological analytes) to evaluate the concentration of THC through the use of antigens or antibodies reactions found in the immune system.

Do you think there should be regulations guiding drug screening?

Well, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) have set a standard for drug metabolite screening.

The urine analysis must be less than 50nanogram of THC metabolites per milliliter (50 ng/ml). If it is at 50 ng/ml or more, an advanced test called Gas chromatography/Mass spectrometer (GC/MS) can be carried out to confirm the authenticity of the result.

This test is under the threshold of 15 ng/ml which mean, anything higher than this is positive.

But the main question is: 

Does CBD show on a drug test?

It is established in several research studies and based on medical grounds, CBD is rich in anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. CBD is healthy to use, and in most cases, it is usually infused in a daily supplement routine. The choice is yours.

It is justifiable to explicitly say that CBD does not show in the drug test. The basis for a drug test is to examine the presence of the metabolite of THC not CBD.

In the cannabis industry today, several products of CBD hemp oil are made available in retail stores and even online platforms. This is more reason why you must be careful with your choice of products and where they are obtained. The thing is, several circumstances can make you vulnerable while ingesting CBD as a daily supplement.


Previous and recent studies on THC urine analysis

Previous studies have shown that daily ingestion of food that contains hemp oil or seeds for an extended period can confirm a positive result. The evaluation of the drug test was on four distinct THC doses through the use of hemp oil.

An infographic on previous and recent studies on THC urine analysis

The result of the study was, the daily consumption of around 0.45MG THC via CBD hemp oil on 15 subjects did not produce a positive result in urine screen test at 50ng/ml cut-off.

The daily consumption of 0.6mg THC created a positive result in one sample, while several samples who fed on 0.19mg on a regular basis tested positive at 20ng/ml cut-off.

In 1998, more studies of THC analysis in seeds and oil confirmed that thorough seed drying and cleaning reduces THC level in the main product.

Therefore, in recent studies, GC/MS screening of all urine specimen provided a more conclusive result. The daily ingestion of 0.6mg of THC by 15 urine samples shows a negative drug screen test. This recent study does not neglect the fact that THC urine test may be valid.

It will be unwise to think that everything is fine as long as it’s an extract of the hemp plant. In today’s marketing strategies, consumers are made to believe that all hemp products are consumable, but it’s not true.

The real deal is, be selective when buying any CBD products and it is safer to purchase from a reliable source such as LifelongHemp because an extremely high amount of CBD consumption can make you test positive.


How much CBD will I need to take for THC to show in the urine?

Generally, the population is exploring CBD and may be highly recommended as an alternative medicine for pain management. A reasonable amount of organically grown CBD contains a negligible level of THC that might not test positive. At this point, you must know that the legally acceptable level of THC in hemp extract is 0.3%.

If peradventure, you consume an extremely high level of THC that ranges from 1000mg to 2000mg per day, the likelihood of testing positive is very high.

How much CBD will I need to take for THC to show in the urine?

Depend on the production of the CBD product, if the product you consume contains a high level of THC, its by-product might build up in your body system over time. In this case, the probability that you may test positive is very high.

Most often time if you test positive with this level of CBD intake, it’s usually “false positive”. It means, an immunoassay test may produce a positive result, but when it goes through a GC/MS, the result will be negative.


It is somewhat risky and not advisable to consume such CBD with a high level of THC. The risk is not the adverse effect it will have on your health because CBD is safe to use. But rather, the risk of not been so lucky to test negative even after GC/MS confirmation screening.

In the cause of taking the right dosage of CBD, necessary precautions must be taken as regards the product you purchase and where you purchase them.


How do I ensure I don’t take CBD that might show up in a drug test?

If you are worried you might test positive due to a excess intake of CBD, you can settle for pure CBD products from reliable sources. Some people prefer to stay on the safe side by refraining from taking CBD at all.

Some products comes in the form of isolate, the purest form of CBD with no THC content, and others with a minimal level of THC that is harmless. The level of THC in well-sourced hemp oil only gives an entourage effect without causing any adverse effect on your health.

There are great products available out there that can benefit your health and cannot put you at the risk of testing positive when consumed at a reasonable dosage

Ensure to purchase a quality product that works for you from a reliable hemp manufacturer or retailer.

Don’t be swayed away with made-believe stories from retailers. A contaminated CBD oil mixed with THC extract can make you fail a drug test.

Final Words

There is no doubt, the benefit of CBD oil is impressive, but the little amount of THC present in CBD hemp oil has been a concern for most people whether they will test positive in a drug test or not.

A standard dosage of CBD cannot put you in the danger of failing a drug test. Only an extreme intake of CBD (between 1000mg-2000mg) on a daily basis, for an extended time might result in a positive result.

Most times, it tends to be a false positive result but, it is inconclusive that CBD cannot cause you to fail a drug test.


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  • JJamie Brooks

    I have been using the CBD Vape for 2 months now, and luckily, I have seen negative results on my drug test last week. Does this go the same way with the other CBD products you have?

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hi Jamie,

      Good to hear that you’ve seen negative results from your recent drug tests. Our CBD content for each product varies depending on the size and product type. We highly recommend all our customers to follow the serving instructions. If this is the first time for your body to ingest CBD, it is best to start at a lower serving size then gradually increase after 3-4 days. Hope this helps!

      Best regards,

  • CCorin

    I smoke weed to relieve anxiety. I am going to be scheduled for a drug test for my professional driver’s license and I am worried about it. Will the weed content show on my drug tests? if yes, do you have other products that I can use to avoid having positive results on the drug test? Enlighten me please.

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hi Corin,

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your interest in our products. As you must know, the drug test results will vary according to the dosage and how it was ingested. Recent studies from WHO(World Health Organization) shows that for dosages in between 1000mg – 1500mg of THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) it will be active on the body for 7-10 days. But good thing is that if you switch to Vape, 15ml bottle only has 500mg of CBD, which does not show on drug tests. Thus, it will give you a negative result on your drug test. Hope this information helps.

      Best regards,

  • CChen

    This is a very informative article, but I would like to know if your products are FDA Approved or even recommended by physicians for medicinal purpose? I’ve heard a lot of stories from people who were treated by hemp plant. Is this true?

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hi Chen,

      Thank you for your interest in our products, and yes, we guarantee that all of our products are FDA approved, lab tested and manufactured from our licensed offices in Michigan. The dosage for our products, depending on your medical condition, will be based on the recommendation directly from your doctor. We have received countless stories from our customers that they have been treated from serious illnesses. I hope you’ll be able to try out our product, depending on your choice.

      Have a great day!
      Best regards,

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