How Does CBD Make You Feel?

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CBD, known as Cannabidiol is a chemical substance extracted from the hemp plant, sometimes referred to as marijuana. Little wonder, several controversies as regards the psycho-active substance contained in marijuana.

Seems complicated, right?

Basically, CBD does not cause a high neither does it affect any organ of the body negatively. It was extracted and made available for the purpose of health benefits.

Why not relax and read on, as we bring you to the knowledge of how CBD can make you feel.


Is CBD Legal?

To start with, do you think CBD is legal?

Well, …

…the good news is the era in which hemp product was prohibited is over as it is now permanently removed from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This means, it is now forever deemed to be an agricultural commodity just like other useful plant extract and not to be mistaken as marijuana and CBD is legal in all 50 states.

Here is the kicker:

The issue of its legality has now been resolved based on the resolution of the Congress at the 2018 Farm Bill. Without prejudice, this popular hemp product – CBD – has been eradicated from the purview of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of Drug Enforcement Administration. This governmental body no longer has any possible claim to interfere with businesses of CBD and Hemp products.

Good new, isn’t it?

According to the 2018 farm bill, the source of CBD extraction is from hemp plant. Hemp is highly considered as an agricultural product and as such, opened more business opportunity to people and the wellness of the world.

Therefore, this regulation should give comfort to some certain federally regulated institutions such as banks, credit card companies, advertising platform etc. to conduct commerce with hemp product industries.

Note that all the above merits are for CBD that has not more than 0.3 % of Tetrahydrocannabinol THC, anything otherwise will render such CBD illegal and shall be answerable to the FDA.


How does CBD make you feel?

We guess what you look forward to is, how your body reacts to the use of CBD oil.

Well, …

…CBD is a chemical substance that can be refined and ingested in so many ways. It can be consumed through the mouth or intravenously through the vein.

How does CBD make you feel?

The human body is made up of a specialized structure known as ‘The Endocannabinoid System,’ responsible for the regulation of various activities that takes place in the body such as sleeping, appetite, pain and immune system.

When consumed, it collaborates with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), causing a reaction in the body system by putting the body in a state of balance.

When the ECS gets in contact with the CBD ingested, a signal is transmitted and causes an elevation in the functions of the human body.

CBD may help to renew the strength from within, making you think faster, focusing better and working harder. Also, may help in the aspect of relaxation, suppression of anxiety and serve as a sleeping remedy to the body.

Today, many users of the CBD consume this substance majorly for medical reasons. It means, the requisite THC content in any CBD product is expected to be nothing more than 0.3%, anything beyond this might make you feel unpleasant.


Can CBD get you high or does it have side effects?

Interestingly, it has been discovered, CBD possesses amazing components and properties that are beneficial to the human body.

Medically, it may help to control ailments, ease pains connected to seizures and improve mental health without triggering any form of psychoactive activities.

Talking about CBD, the first impression that may run through your mind is the mystery behind CBD. As a chemical compound that belong to the same family of marijuana, it is expected that CBD and THC should react the same way, but the reverse is the case.

Infographic showing the potential side effects of CBD

CBD seems to have been falsely given a bad reputation, but the fact remains, it possess properties that may help resolve certain health problems. Note, CBD has some side effects and some of these side effects are;

  • diarrhea,
  • tiredness,
  • change in weight, and
  • increased appetite.

Generally, CBD does not affect the blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature or your mental activities.

Body chemical make-up differs; therefore, the effect of CBD is based on some factors which vary from allergies, to the source or the extracted components, and excessive use to mention a few.

Note: Some people don’t feel indifferent which means, your body system might adjust to it without feeling any unpleasant side effect.


Should CBD be taken on an empty stomach?

NO, it is not the best option…..

Here is the reason; hemp oil is made up of active ingredients that need to be consumed with food, a way to increase the amount of active component absorbed by the body when ingested orally in an empty stomach.

Should CBD be taken on an empty stomach?

Although, drugs consumed on an empty stomach is said to work faster, but by doing so, the potencies of the drug or CBD is reduced drastically.

The enzymes responsible for the digestive system in the body acts on the CBD and oxides it to generate different metabolisms that are not most likely used by the body.

A study on cannabinoid products, absorbed sublingually showed better positive effects on non-empty stomach. The study results showed that the effect of taking CBD supplement after a meal was higher.

However, it was also demonstrated that food could delay the highest concentration in the blood by a couple of hours.


The Endocannabinoid System: How CBD works

Regardless of several news around the cannabis plant, its potential benefits and medical application, CBD remain an edifice of hope in the health and wellness industry.

The structure involved in CBD behavior and how it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of the human body was disclosed by a couple of researches.

Every human possesses the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), responsible for the regulation of the nervous system, immune system, cognition, and the psychoactive activities in the body.

There are two cannabinoid receptors contained in the endocannabinoid system which are

  • CB1 dominant in the brain
  • CB2 in the immune system

The fostering of the activities in the ECS and the general wellness of the body system needs cannabinoid to strive. An external source of cannabinoids such as CBD may be needed for smooth ECS regulations.CBD is essential for the body to function properly.

When you ingest CBD, it does not take effect on the ECS at the first instance, but rather, work on the digestive enzyme before interacting with the receptors to produce more cannabinoid.

Do you know that CBD does not only interact with the CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor?

It also influences many non-cannabinoid receptor systems in the brain, which are sensitive to a variety of neurotransmitters.

Here is a practical example; CBD may influence the serotonin neurotransmitter which enables it to confer the anti-anxiety effect and the limbic system of the brain for anger management.

CBD may enhance the psychological responses to ensure blood fluidity and active blood vessels in the body. Also, it may help to foster your overall health and wellness.

At this point, let us consider some of the CBD products and the way they react in the body system. You might be still wondering if some of these products can eventually lead to any form of psychoactive activities in the brain.


Various ways of ingesting CBD

There are several methods of ingesting CBD which is one of the contributory factors to the way you feel and the effect of CBD after ingestion.

Infographic Showing the Various Ways of Ingesting CBD

However, the way you choose to consume CBD may or may not make any difference with the way you will feel when it is consumed.

“With an array of CBD products available in the market today, what will likely be the ideal product that works best for me?”, you may wonder.

Well, …

…we think it is justifiable to say, none of the high-quality pure CBD product sourced from the hemp plant is capable of triggering any form of psychoactive activity in the body.

However, CBD can be ingested through the –

  • mouth,
  • sublingually, and
  • intravenously through the vein.

This is because there are more than a thousand CBD and cannabis extracts in the market, the decision on the most effective product may not be easy to determine. The various ingestion methods will be enumerated vividly below.

The first method is through the mouth and it is subdivided into various aspects which are;

1. CBD Pills

Pills among among other products are very handy, portable and can be carried around freely from the workplace to places of your various daily activities.

CBD Pill is one of the most effective methods of CBD consumption; it can be chewed or swallowed. You may choose to have it mixed with water, juice, soda, and coffe to make it easy to use.

Infographic showing advantages and disadvantages of ingesting CBD as pill

All CBD pills are not pharmaceutical drugs. The most dominant content in CBD pill are cannabidiol, terpene and some other phytocannabinoids and are non-psychoactive I.e. lacks the characteristics of causing psychological misbehavior of its consumer.

It takes about 30 minutes for pills to take effect and tends to last longer in the body.

The only disadvantage of this method is, it can be rough on those who have ulcer and other digestive disorder.

2. CBD Sublingual Option

The sublingual method is one of the most effective ways to use CBD and infuse it into your daily supplement routine.

Sublingual option of ingesting CBD with pros and cons [Infographic]

You can use it by dripping a few drops under your tongue twice or thrice in a day, depends on the recommended dosages that suit your body system.

Leave it in your mouth for like 60-90 seconds, then swallow afterward.

Some other products that can be used other than mouth are:

3. CBD Topical Application

This is another method of using CBD that comes in the form of a cream, salve, ointment, and so on.

Advantages and disadvantages of applying CBD topically [Infographic]

Any of these CBD products are manufactured to be applied on the outer part of the skin, at the affected area. It penetrates directly into the pores of the skin and to the bloodstream.

The fact that it cannot be ingested through the mouth does not make it less effective. Its effect is as good as when used orally.

4. CBD Injection

One of the most effective ways of getting CBD into your bloodstream is through injection administration.

Infographic showing the benefits of taking CBD with injection

This is done by injecting the CBD oil directly into the vein with a needle and syringe. This method starts to take effect immediately. It seems not to be a common way of using CBD.

5. CBD Smoking or Vaping

Another effective process of ingesting CBD oil is vaping or smoking method. This is usually done by heating the CBD oil in a glass pipe, bowl or stem until it becomes gaseous (I.e. smoke).

Ingesting CBD via vape smoking for the health benefits

Then, you can inhale or vape through the mouth directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. This method takes about 5 to 7 seconds to get effective.

Can CBD vaping get you high?

Well, …

CBD vaping cannot get you high.


Does CBD make you feel high?

By the way, CBD oil cannot get you high. This is because the CBD oil contains less than 0.3% level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for the psychoactive activities in the brain. The CBD oil is non-psychoactive, it cannot affect the sensory organs, consciousness, or behavioral abilities.


Does CBD help with anxiety and sleep?

Yes, CBD may help with anxiety and sleep. Most people consume the CBD component in other to be relieved of one ailment, pains, and others, and after consumption, the CBD component relieves them of their burden whereby placing the body in a state of ease.

Infographic showing whether CBD help with anxiety and sleep or not

Once the body is relaxed enough, you may experience a sound sleep. Some medical personnel prescribed CBD for patients who suffer from anxiety, hanger and sleepless night. According to their testimonies,CBD worked a great deal for them.


How long do the effect of CBD last?

According to research, it takes about 3 to 5 days for half of the CBD content in the human body to be removed. The amount consumed stayed in the bloodstream for a long period of time, even after putting a stop to the use of the CBD. It was very difficult to detect CBD in the blood.



CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant, and the purpose of extraction is to offer health benefits and medicinal values. These benefits may include relief from pains, anxiety, sleepless nights and so on.

Therefore, how CBD will make you feel depends on some certain factors. They are, the amount of THC contained in the CBD product you want to ingest and your body structure. Generally CBD cannot cause a psychoactive effect.

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