How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? (2019 Update)

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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

Many CBD users cannot puzzle out the length at which CBD stays in the body and still, completely infused in their daily supplement routine

Fortunately, the length or duration of the effectiveness of CBD can be easily unraveled when you understand the available methods of ingesting CBD. This is because, the time frame at which CBD stays in your body depends mainly on the method of use.

In this article, we will extensively discuss methods of using CBD and also give you an insight into how long it takes CBD to stay in your system.


How long does the effect of CBD last in the system?

Generally, the factor that determines the effectiveness of CBD in the system is based on the method of ingestion. Some other determinant factors are body system, weight and most importantly, the activeness of your endocannabinoid system.

We cannot categorically state the exact time CBD last in the body, but can give an idea on the time frame based on an average estimate. The effect of CBD last for about 3-4 hours from the moment you start noticing its effect.

How long does the effect of CBD last in the system? (infographic)


It might interest you to know, the appropriate quantity-intake of CBD is the optimal dose for the desired duration. An optimal dosage can range from a few milligrams to a gram or more, depends on the effect in your system.

After several studies, a test was conducted on the patients that were given a high dose (700mg per day) of CBD for six weeks. After a week, they were tested and it was discovered that, it takes about 3-5 days for CBD to leave the body entirely.

You might be wondering:

“…does this work for everyone?”

Well, … 

…this time range may not work for everyone because the mode of use, and the chemical make-up of the human body are entirely different. But it has been established that, the maximum time frame for CBD to stay in your system is not more than a week.

Researchers are relentlessly searching for other substances that are yet to be discovered, to help give a specific answer on how long CBD last in the body. But at the moment, we can only provide a general estimate base on experiences and scientific discoveries.


How long does CBD stay in the body system?

The method of taking CBD and the content is also a great deal because, it determines the length of time it would stay in your system.

CBD can be taken through inhalation, also known as vaping or smoking, while other products are available in a non-inhalable form.

Some products such as tinctures are taken sublingually under the tongue, while some are applied topically on the outer part of the skin. There are other products manufactured in the form of capsules and edibles that can be ingested through the digestive tract.

What’s the bottom line?

Manufacturers of CBD have made available several CBD products which offer different methods of ingestion. For better understanding of different methods of ingesting CBD, we will explore each method by discussing them extensively and how they affect CBD bioavailability.

Four different methods of CBD ingestion (infographic)


Inhalation is also known as vaping. It is considered the easiest and the most popular way to consume CBD. It is a method that relaxes the body and acts fast when inhaled. Many people enjoy vape oil through the use of vaporizer (Vape pen). The bioavailability of inhalation is high oxygen which pierces through the bloodstream directly.

This method is ideal when considering a faster effect and a quick fix. But how long does CBD vape stay in the body? The effect of CBD vape last for about 1-4 hours and in most cases, it stays 3-4 days in the body according to experts.


The sublingual method is a means of consuming CBD by dripping a few drops under the tongue and swallowed after some few seconds. It is performed with the tincture, CBD sprays, and CBD concentrates.

CBD substance is absorbed through the mucous membrane and diffused by the capillaries in the tissue and subsequently, channels the substance to the bloodstream. The length at which CBD tincture stays in the body is similar to that of vaping.

Sublingual method is also a fast means of consumption, and has a high bioavailability compared to oral consumption.

Within 20-30 minutes of usage, the effect of CBD may last for 4-6 hours and it takes about 4-5 days for the remain to exit the body system.


Topical comes in the form of balm, ointment, and cream. It may be applied to the skin to remedy inflammations and some other skin discomfort. It may also be applied to stiff joints and skin irritations such as eczema, acne, and wrinkle for relief.

This method of application is slower but has a long-lasting effect that may take up to 5-6 hours. Topical takes a gradual process before you feel the effect. It’s remnant or fluid still remains in the body and stays up to 2-5days when a moderate CBD is used.


CBD can also be ingested through the use of CBD capsule, edibles, and various gummies bears. This method is popular because it comes with ease and many people are familiar with this form of CBD.

If you prefer to taste CBD, this method of consumption is the best. When you consume CBD orally, it passes through the digestive tract and penetrates into the bloodstream.

Fast metabolism and healthy digestive system help to deliver actual effect of CBD, especially with edibles.

Some people prefer to prepare their edibles and have their cookies, brownies or food infused with CBD. Either way, depending on the amount of CBD you use, this method of application is the slowest and might take as much as an hour or two hours for edibles and capsule to start taking effect.

The time frame between which CBD edibles stay in the body might take up to 3days and not more than 5days but the effect last up 6-8 hours.


Will CBD show in your drug test?

CBD is an extract of cannabis strain with a very low THC that is not more than 0.3%. When CBD is concentrated, the little THC present in it may also be concentrated but must be in line  with the regulations of the FDA.

Here is the kicker.

A person that consumes a high-quality, scientifically vetted hemp extract at an optimal serving size, will not test positive for drugs. But a person that consumes an extremely high dose of CBD will test false-positive.

Theoretically, the consumption of a high dosage of CBD from 1000-2000mg per day WOULD consume 3-6mg of THC. This is a high dose that can make a person fail a urine test for drugs.

But this is the real deal! 

Companies don’t conduct drug tests for CBD, but rather, test is conducted to detect THC, the psychotropic compound that is responsible for psychoactivities in the brain.

Will CBD show in your drug test?


Drug screening is mostly carried out by employers for safety, legal protection and federal mandates to be sure that their employees are in a good mental state of health.

When a drug test is mandated, it is advisable to know the regulations guiding the organization or companies that require a drug test.

The more reason for necessary precautions should to be taken is, there is no definite amount of time CBD stays in the system.

Want to know the most amazing part?

There is no point drug testing for CBD because, it cannot alter the psychological state of the consumer, and as a matter of law, has been removed from the controlled substances.

What is the optimal CBD dosage for you?

Cannabis is a natural supplement and personalized medicine for therapeutic values. Your sensitivity to cannabis component, especially the THC should determine the appropriate ration of CBD to be consumed at a goal.

What is the optimal CBD dosage for you?


An effective dosage can range from little milligram to a gram or more of CBD. Some CBD users don’t have a specific dose they work with; all they do is, consume what gives them the intended relief.

You know what?

It is advisable to start with a few drops of doses for some days and observe the effect which afterward you can decide what work best for you.

Cannabis has a biphasic compound i.e. a moderate dose can be of great benefit and a high dose can create an opposite effect. CBD is known with no adverse effect, but an excessive dose may not offer the supposed therapeutic effect.


Final thought

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance mainly used for medical and recreational purposes. CBD is also known for its therapeutic properties which make it a well-accepted remedy for health and wellness.

Despite handful knowledge about the benefits of CBD, there is no definite information as regards the accuracy of the length at which it can stay in the body.

But based on random estimation, the length at which CBD last in the system varies depending on the method of usage. But with the clinical trial carried out on some patients who used CBD, it was evident that CBD stays 3-5 days in the system.

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