How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work for Pain, Anxiety and Depression?

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How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work?

Scientific researches have shown several pieces of evidence of the efficacy of CBD. This means that CBD is a rich molecule that benefits the human body.

It’s a known fact that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a chemical compound that is dominant in marijuana and causes a “high”, but CBD contains only 0.3% THC that conveys therapeutic benefits without causing a psychotropic effect.

The possibilities of hemp oil are endless because it comes with unique properties that can boost the immune system and alleviate several ailments. But it’s somewhat confusing when you are new to a chain of CBD products, how to discern the product that works best for you and how long it will take to work.

You can make a well-informed decision as we bring you to the knowledge of how long it takes for CBD oil to work for pain, anxiety and depression.

So, relax and keep reading…


How CBD oil interacts with the human body system?

CBD is processed into different forms and can be ingested in different ways depending on the essence of its production.

CBD hemp oil is one of the forms of CBD produce. It is either ingested through the mouth or topically. However, when CBD is taken, it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system receives the transmitting signal from the cannabinoids in the body through the CB1 receptor dominant in the brain and the CB2 receptor found in the immune system.

A functioning endocannabinoid system produces cannabinoid by itself. But the intake of CBD influences the endocannabinoid system to produce cannabinoid for the benefit of the human body.


What are the factors that determine the effectiveness of CBD oil?

CBD oil is an active substance that is easily absorbed into the body system.

But the question is what determines the efficacy of CBD oil?

Like it was mentioned earlier, CBD oil can be used in different ways. It can either be vaped or ingested sublingually or topically.

However way you use it, it takes a few minutes to a couple of hours before you start feeling the effect.

A time for CBD to take an effect

Well, …

… it depends on the amount of CBD oil served at a goal and on the human body system involved. CBD works better in a well-functioning endocannabinoid system (ECS) than a faulty system. Aside from that, an ECS may be functioning well, but our body chemical make-up is different.

Other factors to consider is the time range at which it was used and how it was taken…

Was it the first thing you took in the morning, or it was taken after eating a heap of food?

According to researches and surveys, CBD works better when taken on an empty stomach.

On the other hand, it was suggested that consuming CBD oil with food allows it to penetrate more in the bloodstream and increases its effectiveness.


The effectiveness of CBD oil following the ingesting methods

The action of CBD through different methods of ingestion evaluate the potential benefits it offers in which the effect of CBD on the receptors are responsible for numerous activities in the brain and immune system. CBD is a natural supplement that easily interacts with the body system through the ECS.  There are several means of ingesting CBD depends on the method of ingestion recommended by the manufacturer of a product and preference.

CBD oil ingesting methods


The most effective way of ingesting CBD oil is vaping. This is done through the use of vape kit usually pen. It is very easy to vape and safe. As each vape is taken in, there is a considerable tendency of feeling the effect in less than 15 minutes. This method easily penetrates into the bloodstream and produces a faster result.

Sublingual method

Another effective way of ingesting CBD oil is the sublingual method through the use of CBD oil sprays or CBD concentrate. This is an easy way to get CBD absorbed into the body.

Once ingested under the tongue, it interacts fast with the endocannabinoid system and gives relief within a few minutes not more than 20 minutes. This method is the second best way of getting CBD absorbed into the body system.

Topical application

When you apply CBD oil topically, it does not get absorbed into the body as fast as a vaping and sublingual method. It is relatively slow but takes a gradual process and offers a more prolonged effect. It might take up to 40 minutes or even more than hours before you start feeling the effect.

Edibles or capsules

If you are looking for the most productive effect in CBD, edibles or capsule are the best option. They are in the form of gummies bear and when eaten, passes through the digestive tract and penetrate into the bloodstream. It might take up to 30 minutes or more than an hour for it to get absorbed, but it is very efficient.


How to know when CBD is at work?

By the way…

How do you know whether CBD is working already or not?

The obvious way to know is by having a feeling of relief on the ailment symptoms. Some people feel the effect as a weakening symptom that demands rest. Another means is through rapid changes in the physical appearance of the skin issue or changes on the way you were feeling before using CBD.

CBD hemp oil is widely known for its benefits and how it has helped alleviate some health issues.


How long does it take CBD to work for pain?

Many people out there suffer from chronic body pain whether as a result of inflammation or pain associated with diseases. Old age is another factor that comes with several ailments that cause pain in the body.

So, at one point or the other…

…the body might be subjected to pain or joint pain.

American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) has confirmed that most American suffer from chronic pain than Heart diseases, diabetes, and the likes.

Any inflamed part of the body comes with pain, and some pain can only be managed especially the one associated with old age.

Chronic pain statistics according to The American Academy of Pain Medicine

Recent studies, however, show that CBD oil could play a significant role in alleviating chronic pain. The ECS is topically active in controlling pain. When CBD oil is taken, it interacts with the ECS which helps to regulate specific hormone such as pain, immune system responses, sleep and so on.

The CB2 receptor plays a major role in the immune system by managing inflammation and pain. CBD contains antioxidant with neuroprotective properties inclusive. All these properties are the backbone of CBD that enables it to act effectively.

While introducing CBD into your body to relieve pain, you can apply it topically to the affected area. It makes way for easy penetration directly at the specific area though not usually fast. You can also ingest it through the use of the capsule or the sublingual method.

So then, what length of time will it take CBD to work for pain?

Depending on the body system especially the amount you start with and the mode of use, as soon as CBD is taken, it might take up to 30 minutes to an hour before you feel changes in the pained area.

Topical application lasts longer while edibles or capsule is an alternative means of taking CBD for pain. At least CBD trace last 3 to 4 days in the body while the effect might last up to 4 to 6 hours.

How long does it take CBD to work for pain?

An article review on pain management established the efficacy of cannabinoid analgesic following recent research and a clinical trial in pain management.  Muscle spasm is another cause of pain which is associated with multiple sclerosis.

Decent use of CBD for a short period was confirmed to help muscle spasm, but an overdose can worsen it. There is pain associated with arthritis, and people use CBD to alleviate such pain.


How long does it take CBD to work for anxiety?

For some reason or the other, a larger percentage of people suffer from anxiety.

A lot of health issue is associated with anxiety such as anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

There are pharmaceutical medications that have been invented to get rid of anxiety, yet they come with side effects that demand necessary precautions.

Types of Anxiety

Apart from the anxiety a lot of individuals suffer due to stress after working round the clock; anxiety disorder is a complicated issue that brings sleepless night, phobia, fear of the unknown and a lot more…

Social anxiety disorder is common among anxiety condition, and if you think you need help aside from medications, a natural product is a good option to consider.

Cannabidiol is a non-euphoria phytocannabinoid that can reduce anxiety and cognitive impairment. According to research studies and clinical trials, a group of people suffering from anxiety was given CBD while some were given a placebo. It was discovered that pre-treatment with CBD reduced anxiety and there was an improvement in speech performance while the placebo group presented the opposite.

The target of CBD is to boost the serotonin receptor in the synaptic space for an increase in signals that are transmitted to the brain cell. CBD activates the 5-HT1A (hydroxytryptamine) serotonin receptor directly, thereby releasing the anti-anxiety effect. This will help to enhance your mood and reduce anxiety. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of CBD but do not affect the psychological state of its consumer.

More so…

…anxiety can bring tension and lack of motivation, but CBD contains therapeutic and nutritional properties that can promote relaxation and improve your state of mind.

However you choose to ingest CBD, it works better through vaping or the sublingual method.

How long does it take CBD to work for anxiety?

The duration of time at which CBD works for anxiety is under 20 minutes to an hour.

There should certainly be a difference in the way you feel. There may not be a  specific time range at which CBD work for anxiety going by several contributory factors like individual body system differences.


How long does it take CBD to work for depression?


Depression is a pathological disease related to anxiety, and it deals with emotions and the state of mind. Over a million people suffer from depression worldwide.

Depression could be inborn or might be caused by trauma derived from an unfortunate circumstance.

Some of the symptoms of depression are suicidal thought, uncontrolled anger issues, irritations, insecurity, restlessness, sleeplessness, feeling empty, loneliness, increased or decreased appetites and weight loss.

Depression signs and symptoms

Based on researches, CBD oil can be a reliable remedy for depression and can regulate human responses to stress. Endocannabinoid system is an important regulator of stress, and it influences the brain activity. When CBD oil is ingested, it interacts with serotonin and dopamine receptor often called the happiness hormone which helps regulate the mood and human social behavior.

The hippocampus is a limbic system located in the brain which helps to regulate emotions. CBD oil helps to stimulate activities in the hippocampus by increasing the amount of calcium in the mitochondria (1).

It might take anti-depressant 6-8 weeks to unfold its effectiveness whereas the time frame at which CBD works for depression is not more than some couple of hours.

How long does it take CBD to work for depression?

A 2006 study titled “Decreased depression in marijuana users” established that those who consume medical cannabis to alleviate depression had a less depressed mood. Another discovery is that it improves cognitive disorder in bipolar patients.

Despite the effect of CBD on the brain, it does not cause a “high” but rather boost the hormone that influences a happy mood.

The world is revolving around natural supplement now especially when most anti-depressant medicine comes with a side effect. There are many products out there given to the depressed in which some of them confer addictive effect.


Final Thought

CBD oil is an antipsychotic compound that contains ameliorating and potentially neuroprotective properties that can benefit the human health. The rate at which CBD penetrates into the body is based on the method of ingestion applied in using a CBD product and according to research, the fastest means of getting CBD absorbed into the body system is through vaping followed by the sublingual method and lastly, through the digestive tract.

CBD oil certainly works for pain, depression and anxiety by interacting with a number of different biological pathways to a wide range of effects. However, CBD can be administered through several methods but the length at which it takes before it works differs.

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  • Larry Cole

    For me, CBD works just fine giving the desired results in a very short time. Anyway, I would like to try this to my 2 yr old Lab. Do you think it is safe?

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hello Larry,

      Glad to know that the results on our products come to a shorter time period for you. As for your Labrador, you can try to check our CBD for Pets, here is the link:
      I hope you can try this one out and we’ll be happy to hear the results.

      Best regards,

  • Lady Grasha

    The hemp oil has so much possibilities and can boost the immune system as well as alleviate several ailments. But you just have to know which products works best for certain things, how and when to take them and even when to expect results. I was really patient to do all these and that’s why I can comfortably say that CBD products has really been of great help to me in terms of helping my stress and insomnia!

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hello Lady Grasha,

      I feel so thrilled reading this comment from you. In the end, I got so excited to see how we were able to help you manage stress and insomnia. I hope that you will continue to improve and find benefit with the use of your CBD products from Lifelong Hemp. Thank you for letting us know all of these.

      Best regards,

  • Seadals

    People who I know that use the CBD actually claims their CBD works better taken on an empty stomach but for me it is with food. Definitely consuming CBD oil with food allows it to penetrate quickly into the bloodstream and increases its effectiveness. But still, not all methods works for everyone so you just have to know which works best for you.

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hi Seadals,

      I’m glad to know that you are able to ingest CBD directly with your food. I know how important it is to know what works best for our body and health.
      It’s wonderful to know that you are able to absorb the nutrients on your food and anything that goes with it. Thank you so much for letting us know your best experiences and results of CBD.

      Have a nice day!

  • Ashlee

    Very informative article. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hi Ashlee,

      I’m happy to know that you are learning quite a few things from our articles. Thank you for your time.

      Best regards,

  • Melissa

    My friend is actually getting good effects on CBD for the past 2 years. She said it’s helping her improve metabolism and relieves her anxiety attacks. Will cbd products be recommended for people with serious illness like cancer?

    • Lifelong HempLifelong Hemp

      Hi Melissa,

      It’s really good to know that your friend gets the health benefits of CBD. As for cancer, the WHO(World Health Organization) clearly states that there is preliminary evidence showing that CBD can treat certain forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other serious conditions. Although we always recommend our customers to seek medical advice with regards to these types of conditions. Hope this helps.

      Best regards,

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