CBD For Pets

If as a pet owner you are wondering whether giving your pets CBD is one of the best choices you can make, CBD has been a quality health product on the market for pets, so yes!! According to research and clinical trials, the way CBD works in mammals, so also is the same effect it has on human being .

What is CBD for pets?

CBD, cannabidiol is a chemical compound often found in the cannabis plant. Both marijuana and hemp plant belongs to the same family of cannabis, but CBD found in supplements for pets are derived from the Industrial hemp plant. It might interest you to now that over 113 cannabinoids are present in the cannabis plant. They all supply nutrient to the body and potential health benefits.

We are not ignorant of the fact that, THC (a psychoactive chemical compound that causes high) is present in hemp plant. But the level of THC present in hemp plant is extremely low, such that it is incapable of tampering with your pet’s mental health.

As we have different categories of CBD products in a human being, the same way we have various forms of CBD for pets. We have it in the form of capsules, edibles or teats.

How does it work?

As human possess endocannabinoids system, so also does mammals. The body produces cannabinoid by itself which enables the brain and the immune system function well. Endocannabinoid system is a channel in which cannabinoid interact with the body through the CB1 receptor located in the brain and the CB2 receptor found in the immune system to produce more cannabinoid. It means when CBD is used as a supplement for your pets, it will influence the endocannabinoid system just like in human, to create a balance in the body.

Is it safe to feed pets with CBD?

It may not be enough knowing the medical benefit of cannabinoid, and you cannot help but wonder whether it is safe for your pet. Our product has been extracted using the purest ingredient and high-quality product. It contains a full range of terpene and cannabinoid which provides a therapeutic effect on your pets which includes cats, dogs and the likes. Your pet would be in a safe condition using CBD product to treat minor pain or soreness.

Benefits of CBD in pets

Here are some few benefits of CBD for a pet:

  • Anti-anxiety: Just like the way CBD helps to control anxiety in human, the same way it reduces stress in pets.
  • Anti-inflammation: Of course, CBD is widely known for the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses. It also contains powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin C and E.
  • Relieves pain: CBD works well on chronic pain. If you notice your pet is suffering from pain, use CBD to get a quick relieve.
  • Increases appetite: Are you worried your pet doesn’t eat well, CBD can help influence and increase its desire to eat.

Necessary precautions

Before adding CBD supplement or feeding your pets, be sure of the amount of CBD you want to start with to avoid complication. Even though there won’t be any adverse effect if by any means you feed your pets with an overdose of CBD to your pet, it is advisable that pet owners should start with a little amount of CBD and watch how your dogs react to it.

Peradventure your pets develops a disease or other health issues, then the pet owner should visit a veterinarian.