CBD Vape

CBD vape oil is an extract of the industrial hemp plant to be precise which has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects. Vape oil that can get you high is one that contains a high level of THC which we don’t deal with at LonglifeHemp. All our products are FDA compliant and are mainly for medicinal purposes.

Similarities and differences between Varieties of CBD Vape products

There are different types of vape CBD products which are CBD vape oil, E-liquid, and CBD vape juice.

What is common with our range of CBD vape products is they are all extracted from industrial hemp plant and does not contain the psychoactive chemical compound called THC. These products can also be consumed using a vaporizer which enables the cannabinoid to pierce into the bloodstream producing a faster result.

- CBD vape oil

CBD vape oil is a derivative of hemp plant that contains a high level of cannabinoid. It can be consumed with a vape pen in such a way that when it vaporizes, it’s inhaled and gives a sense of relaxation without altering the mind of the consumer. The nutritional supplement is easily ingested with terpenes nutrient which is a natural chemical compound found in the cannabis plant.

- E-liquid

E-liquid is a CBD extract that is pre-filled in cartridges with full advantage of cannabinoid. They are produced using Glycol or veg glycol as their solvent to make the liquid harsh enough to work effectively on a heater. It is used on a personal E-liquid pen vaporizer or E-cigarette, and when the vaporizer heats up the E-liquid and changes to a vapor, then it can be inhaled in and out.

- CBD vape juice

So far there are different ways CBD is consumed, anybody can give it a name that suits its purpose. But don’t be confused, CBD vape juice is an alternative name CBD e-liquid and vape oil. Generally, they are all called CBD oil but produced for vape a method of consumption.

What is the essence of vaping?

Vaporizing allows cannabinoid to penetrate directly into your body through your digestive system and this method of CBD consumption is recommended for adults. It must be a high CBD concentrate for it to vaporize, and here at longlifehemp, we provide precisely a full-spectrum of CBD at its highest point of concentration.

Vaping is convenient, and CBD vape oil comes with a great flavor that is appealing. It can be used for relaxation and suppresses stress and anxiety. For smokers who want to quit smoking, this might help but is not potent enough to create a high. Do not try to sublingually ingest a CBD oil produced explicitly for vape nor vape CBD specially constructed to be ingested orally.

What type of vaporizer might work best for you?

Vaporizing has been an acceptable method of consuming CBD in the past few years. Vaporizers vary in sizes which are Vape pens, portable vaporizer, and desktop vaporizer. But we would suggest a small vape pen which is compact enough and aids convenience compared to others that are bigger in sizes.

Vape pen is a pen-like gadget that uses the battery, cheaper and can be operated without complications.  It is easy to travel with and can easily be fixed in a bag pack when going anywhere.

Precautions that CBD “vapers” must take

If you choose to vape, what indeed comes to your mind is the medical benefit you stand to gain, but the safety of what you are purchasing may not seriously cross your mind.

While we all know the danger surrounding tobacco and you don’t intend to vape it, then be careful with the product that is not transparent enough or sold randomly in the market without doing a background check. Be sure you are choosing a CBD vape oil. Some companies still provide a high-quality product that is 99.9% safe and Lifelonghemp is one of the reputable companies that distribute and can give you quality products.