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Prefilled vape cartridge is a hemp E-liquid that contains extract of 250mg CBD concentrate with specific natural strain flavoring and phytocannabinoid compounds such as terpene. It comes with only vape cartridge, while the kit with battery is sold separately. The cartridge is ceramic which is durable and unlikely to burn the CBD oil.

It is a 1ml cartridge that can be inhaled between 300-400 times and can last for weeks, it all depends on the way you use it. From the formulation down to the packaging of this product, it is ready for use when purchased.

The Benefit of Using Pre-Filled CBD Oil Cartridge

This E-liquid is a CBD extract that is pre-filled in cartridges with full advantage of cannabinoid. Here are some of the health benefit of this product:

– Improve appetite

Using a vape pen may significantly help to suppress appetite and craving for food. It may help to manage sensitivity for food and beneficial to the overall health and wellness.

– Support bioavailability

Vaporizing has many health benefits over other CBD intake methods and helps with bioavailability. It diffuses directly into the bloodstream and allows for maximum bioavailability which provides the potentially beneficial effects with an optimal amount of CBD vape.

– Manage smoking addiction

CBD has an impactful effect on smoking addictive behaviors. In a study, the unique contributions of distinct CBD constituents to addiction vulnerability suggest that CBD may be a potential therapeutic remedy for narcotic craving and relapse.

How does work?

Vaping is convenient, and it allows cannabinoid to penetrate directly into your body through your digestive system. This easily makes way for timely interaction with the endocannabinoid system to produce cannabinoids to perform essential functions in the body.

Our pre-filled CBD oil cartridge is produced to be consumed with the pen vaporizer which enables the cannabinoid to penetrate into the bloodstream, producing a faster effect. When the vaporizer heats up the E-liquid and changes to a vapor, then it can be inhaled in and out.

This method is duly recommended for an adult.

It comes in 3 natural flavors that are appealing to the taste bud which are Mint, Kush and Citrus flavor. It can be used during relaxation and for smokers who want to quit smoking, this product is a great deal.

A lot of persons prefers to vape through the use of a vaporizer especially a vape pen. Vaping pre-filled CBD oil cartridge does not imply smoking of weed or the psychoactive content, but it’s just another means of ingesting CBD for the same health benefit.

Why Choose This Product?

– High quality

This product is a high CBD concentrate to vaporize, with a full-spectrum of CBD at its highest point of concentration. Our vape oil is a derivative of industrial hemp manufactured in Michigan by prominent manufacturers making sure that this product is produced to the highest standard of purity.

– Legal

It contains a trace amount of THC that is not capable of affecting the mental state of the consumer. We ensured that the product also complies with the FDA regulations and GMP certified which means it is a legal product you can consume. This product is of a high-quality that is 100% safe for consumption.

– Lab tested

From the growth of industrial hemp plant up to the extraction of this product has been under the careful supervision of manufacturers of our product. It was internally tested by our manufacturers and externally tested by a 3rd party lab.

– Easy to use

The portability and the functionality of this product make it the best bet when looking for an easy to use CBD concentrate-based product. It is sleek and allows for comfortable and discreet vaping. It also enables the users to have control over their dosing with each inhalation.

Unlike other vape products on the market, this particular product is produced with MCT oil and does not contain propylene glycol (PG), neither does it have vegetable glycerine (VG). MCT oil is a special fat that converts to energy and is easily absorbed into the body.

– Natural flavors

Pre-filled CBD oil cartridge comes with three natural flavors sourced from terpenes, and organic hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of many plants. Terpene is a fragrant oil secreted from the sticky resin gland of the flower which gives cannabis its aromatic diversities.

How to Use CBD Vape Cartridge?

Do you prefer to vape your CBD concentrate with the pre-filled CBD oil cartridge? It is the easiest method of vaping CBD that requires almost no effort to get it activated. Here are simple steps to get the unit function properly.

  1. Open the package with an expectation to see 1ml pre-filled cartridge;
  2. Remove the rubber cap and screw the cartridge unto your vape pen;
  3. When you hear it click into place, it means the tank has fit on the battery;
  4. The unit is ready to use, and you can start with a puff;
  5. When the tank is empty, throw away the cartridge and replace with a new one.

What is the Serving Size of CBD vape?

There is no specific recommended serving size of CBD vape as the body systems differ in the way they react to CBD. But we advise that you experiment what works best and suit your body system.

Remember, this pre-filled CBD cartridge will only offer you 300-400 puffs or even more than that. You can discard the atomizer when the tank is empty. They don’t work effectively when the tank is refilled more than two times.


CBD, MCT (coconut) Oil, Terpene.

Note* This statement have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

3 reviews for Pre-Filled CBD Oil Cartridge – 1ml (250mg CBD) – Alternative Vape

  1. K

    Karen G. Verified Buyer

    Good deal for me. Helps in relieving my insomnia. thanks again

  2. J

    Jenny A. Verified Buyer

    I noticed that this product doesn’t give me too much tonsillitis, compared to other vape products. Quick shipping, got mine for 2 days only.

  3. K

    Kaye C. Verified Buyer

    My friend told me that this vape was good. I got my order last week and so far, I am not getting any differences from the results. I hope there’s more to show.

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