Quality Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing quality hemp specially bred with a higher level of CBD sourced from the best hemp plant grown by farmers we have a cordial relationship with. Our products are manufactured using a full-spectrum of the cannabis plant and a lab test to check any form of impurity that might be harmful to the consumer. We deliver high-quality products and maintain a level of integrity.


100% CertifiedCertified CBD Oil

All our products are CBD concentrate from a wholly controlled manufacturing process.

Our products follow GMP standard

Our primary concern is to provide products that are FDA compliant and duly certified by good manufacturing practices (GMP). GMP is a form of operational food safety system that ensures quality standards produced products.

The risk of producing ineffective or unsafe products is minimized by our manufacturers thereby ensuring that we provide the high-quality supplementation desired by our customers.

LifelongHemp manufacturing process

We are empowered by reputable companies who manufacture our products, which enables us to create and sell our hemp product through our services. The manufacturers of our products have a food processing facility licensed by the state of Michigan which makes them be entirely in charge of their manufacturing processes.

LifelongHemp deals with high-quality standard

All our products are top tiers, manufactured in a well-facilitated lab in Michigan to ensure strict quality and safety guide. We only set the standard for the highest quality consumable industrial hemp product. We offer a ready-to-go range of quality hemp product to ensure good value for your money.


Lab TestedLab Tested CBD Oil

The manufacturers carry out lab test to ensure the accuracy of CBD and THC content in our products.

We guarantee purity and safety

Operating under the governance of honesty and transparency is our watchword. Each quantity of CBD produced are usually laboratory tested by the manufacturers of our product to ensure purity, safety, and consistency.

Every stage of production has gone through purification processes, from the growth of industrial hemp plant up to the extraction of cannabinoid has been under the careful supervision of manufacturers of our product.

Independent 3rd party analysis

Our manufacturers make an extra effort to have our products thoroughly tested both internally and by independent 3rd party analysis. They also offer a certificate of analysis for all our products on request.

As our products are imported from Michigan, we can’t afford to waste resources on transport or risk the importation of goods that do not conform to the Federal law or FDA regulations. We at this moment ensure that the amount of CBD and THC contained in our product are cannabinoid compliant.


100% OrganicOrganic CBD Oil

Our product is mainly sourced from industrial hemp and organically produced.

The growth of hemp plant where our product is sourced

We are aware that good crop comes from the right soil. Therefore, the plant from where we extract our product germinates on a well-aerated loamy soil with a high level of fertility, proper nitrogen fertilization and organic matters greater than 3.5%.

Only the highest grade legal product that are derivatives of a well-nurtured industrial hemp plant free of synthetic additives and safe for human consumption is what we sell. The hemp plant produces phytochemical on its own which helps it to retain its vitamin and anti-oxidant.

We maintain the identity of organically grown hemp

It is quite fortunate that hemp plant is naturally resistant to pest and toxin. The manufacturers of our product are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the organically grown plant is prevented from coming in contact with the conventionally-grown crops or artificial substances.

They also make use of organic seeds to protect the integrity of its returns. All our products are from pure spectrum and derivatives of organic farming.

The risk factor of non-organic plant

The best crops come from an organic plant, and non-organic farming destroys the soil. Our manufacturers deal with a large quantity of hemp plant due to massive orders from our customers and wouldn’t risk planting chemically-infused produce which can alter an organic farming process.

Proper plant management carried out on our organically grown hemp was placed under complete monitoring, prevention, and avoidance.